Our Mission and our Coaches

Our club is extremely fortunate to have some exceptionally talented athletes as coaches, some of whom just happen to be former Olympians. We also have coaches who have been around the sport for decades that are willing to lend their expertise, and everyone is always willing to help out and share their knowledge and skills about skating, equipment, and the sport in general.

150-beckyBecky Sundstrom
Becky competed in Short Track through 1993 (World Championships) and Long Track through 2003–1998 Olympics (Nagano) and 2002 (Salt Lake City). She is passionate about speedskating because it is as rewarding as it is challenging. She enjoys helping skaters of all abilities gain the skill to safely go fast and have fun. Becky coaches many of our Sunday practice sessions, combining technical drills, intervals, endurance laps and relays.

Shana_headshot_cropShana Sundstrom
Shana competed in Lillehamar (Short Track 1994) and then raced longtrack for the duration of her career. She loves the sheer joy of going fast, something that any skater at any level can also experience. She thinks speedskating is a great sport, as fun as it is hard, and maybe so fun because it is so hard!


Tama 848x1280)Tama Sundstrom
Tama started speedskating at age 12, made the Junior World Team and Senior National Team by age 16, and the U.S. World Team at 20. She went on to represent the U.S. in numerous World Championships and World Cups, primarily in the 1500m and 1000m events in Long Track Speedskating. Her best performances came before the advent of the clapskate, when she was National Champion and finished top-10 in the World Cup in the 1500m. She coached Juniors during one of her rest years and retired at the end of 1998 after 18-some years of turning left. Now she is thrilled to see a whole new group of people discover that speedskating is absolutely the most fun sport around. She enjoys helping skaters learn effective technique and wants all the newbies of all ages out there to know that contrary to popular belief, you are never too old to learn to skate fast and well.

Dave (1280x849)Dave Besteman
Dave is one of only a handful of athletes worldwide to compete in the Olympics in both short track and long track speedskating. In 1988 he raced in short track’s inaugural Olympic Games and then successfully switched to long track, competing in both the 1992 & 1994 Olympics. Dave excelled at the sprints, winning bronze medals both at the Short Track World Championships in the 500m and at a long-track World Cup event in the 1000m. After he retired as an athlete, Dave began coaching the U.S. Midwest Region and was instrumental in helping young skaters make the leap into elite training and competing. He led the US National Sprint Team in the 1998-1999 season, and in 2003, after returning to coaching developing skaters, he was honored with the Coach of the Year Award by US Speedskating. Dave is a rare coach who can connect with athletes at any level, and he brings a sense of serious fun to the ice! He coaches Mountain View Speedskating’s kids, combining technique work with speed for a great time on the track.

Nick (1280x848)Nick Thometz
Nick grew up skating both short and long track and blazed trails in both disciplines. He eventually committed to long track, competing in the 1984, 1988, and 1992 Olympic Games, setting the World Record in the 500m and winning the overall World Cup title in both the 500m and 1000m along the way. After retiring as an athlete, Nick went on to lead the US National Sprint Team, coaching former teammate Bonnie Blair to two gold medals in the 1994 Olympic Games. Fast forward a few years, and Nick now co-coaches the Mountain View Speedskating Club’s kids along with Dave. Admired as a technician, Nick knows that falling in love with the fun of a sport is the key ingredient to eventual success. You’ll see a lot of smiles from the kids as they learn to master building speed on very thin blades!

Sterling (1280x848)Sterling Sobczak
As a typical child of the Canadian North, Sterling grew up on the ice, but with a hockey stick in hand (and maybe even some figure skates on foot).  He donned his first pair of speed skates at the age of 18, when he had some time on his hands and had heard how fun speed skating was from his mother for the umpteenth time, decided to give it a try. Sterling was always a bit of a speed freak and enjoyed racing bicycles and motocross–self propelled speed was a new challenge that changed his life. Shortly after trying speed skating, he moved to Calgary and spent the next dozen years training in pursuit of the Olympic dream. Despite his late start, he qualified for the National Team and raced on the World Cup circuit, but just missed qualifying for the Olympics in 2002 and 2006 in long track. Though short track is not his natural milieu (the straightaways are so short!), he loves having the chance to stay in touch with the ice, and to pass on his love of skating to his children. Sterling enjoys watching his children’s skills improve as much as he likes skating himself. Sterling would like to strongly encourage anyone that is considering trying skating to give it a go!! Speedskating is physically difficult and technical, but very rewarding.

Chris_crop (720x843)Chris Sundstrom
Chris learned to skate in his 30’s when he found himself spending a lot of time at speedskating meets with his 4 children, who were all national champion contenders in their age groups. He was coached by his children (in fact he is still being coached by his children, but he also returns the favor occasionally). He found that speedskating was one of the most challenging sports he had ever participated in but was also the most enjoyable, as well a great workout. It’s fun to go fast! Chris competed at the Senior B and Masters level for many years, and went on to help coach the Glen Ellyn club for 15 years before becoming one of the coaches of the Mountain View club for the last 11. Fortunately, almost all of the skaters Chris has coached went on to become much better skaters than he is (Chris is a firm believer in “do as I say, not as I do”), with several going on to make Olympic teams. Although Chris continues to run and bike daily, his favorite workout is still getting on the ice and speedskating.

Lisa (1280x848)Lisa Sundstrom
Lisa began as a skating mom but quickly decided doing was more fun than watching. She competed as a Masters skater during the 80’s and 90’s, and particularly relates to learning this difficult (but fun!) sport as an adult. Her coaching focus is on the basics for beginners of all ages. She served as a board member for U.S. Speedskating and is very knowledgeable about the sport.

150-maxMax Diener
Max has been skating with us for several years and seems to become consistently faster each time he steps onto the ice. He went to college in Colorado and was fortunate enough to continue training while there. Since returning to the Portland area, he’s taken trips to Salt Lake City, Vancouver B.C., and the Netherlands to skate on the long track. Max is helpful and welcoming to all skaters, and it’s fun to watch him skate. He spent the past year in Australia, training with the National Inline team and placing THIRD in a recent national competition there.

linda jellison headshotLinda Jellison
Inspired by the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Linda began skating in 2003 when our club was formed. She took a Level I Coaching Clinic in 2003. While not a competitive skater, she enjoys introducing newcomers to the sport and providing them with all the information they need to get started, buy equipment, and learn about our club. She is popular with the kids (both big and small) for the baked goods she brings to the rink. Linda enjoys promoting the club and the sport to local media, planning events, updating the website, sending out club newsletters, organizing volunteers for fundraising events, and of course watching the Olympics. She’s also amazed by the level of coaching we have, and loves watching the kids progress in their skating.

MVSC Mission Statement

The mission of the Mountain View Speedskating Club is to provide education about speedskating in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area and to promote and encourage competitive speedskating regionally and nationally.

Non-Profit Statement of Authentication

The Mountain View Speedskating Club is a non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Subject to the limitations stated in the Articles of Incorporation, the purposes of this corporation shall be to engage lawful activities, none of which are for profit, for which corporations may be organized under Chapter 65 of the Oregon Revised Statues (or its corresponding future provisions) and §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or its corresponding future provisions).

Tax Deductible Contributions

The MVSC welcomes tax deductible contributions made throughout the year on behalf of individuals, families, corporations, organizations, foundations, charities, and trusts. Contributions are used to purchase skating and protective equipment for the Club, subsidize ice time fees for needy skaters, and cover expenses associated with our various programs and events.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact Linda Jellison, President of the Mountain View Speedskating Club at linda@mtviewspeedskating.org.

Corporate Benefactors

Each year the MVSC invites proposals from area businesses and corporations interested in sponsoring the Club as Corporate Benefactors. By participating as a Corporate Benefactor, your company will be recognized for its commitment to supporting speedskating education and competition in our community.

For more information about becoming a Corporate Benefactor and to get a full list of benefits, please contact Linda Jellison, President of the Mountain View Speedskating Club at linda@mtviewspeedskating.org.

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